moskoscherer-together-iSo much of my work, both in my studio or with coaching clients, is focused on exploring the inner duality that resides within each of us.  In Jungian terms, it is referred to as the light and shadow aspect of self.  In Eastern terms, the yin and the yang. This duality is often found as opposing forces, the male/female, right/wrong, fear/courage, love/hate, grief/joy, gratitude/anger, and so on.

Together’ is part of a new series exploring not only the duality of our inner landscape, but also the intricate terrain of relationship with another.  When I look at this series, specifically this piece, I see a spine that formed within the void.  It was unexpected and yet compelling in considering that the duality of our human nature could be our metaphorical backbone.  Learning to work with the contrasts within ourselves as well as with another makes us stronger and more capable of bearing our challenges and our triumphs.  This awareness allows us to lean in on one another while maintaining a space for pause. In the pause we find the balance between individuality and connection.

I don’t know where this nascent series of work will take me or where I will go with it.  I am ignited with curiosity and creativity.

Mixed Media Collage
pastel and colored pencil with Irish linen thread on hand-embossed paper.
6.5 x 22. 5 unframed |15.5 x 31.5  framed.