Coaching and Mentoring

Although I was certified in 2015, I have been coaching and mentoring all my life.  People naturally open to me and I naturally extract from them what is within them.  Working through the certification process took these innate skills to high level.

I work with individuals and groups.  The crux of my work is about transforming lives.  I do this through helping you identify the obstacle, limiting belief, or ruminating thoughts or behaviors that that stop you from pursuing your dream or being the full-blown expression of yourself.

I work with several tools and modalities, choosing the one/s that best fit your needs, and teaching you to work with them on your own.

I offer several classes and workshops. My workshops range from business related topics for artists, as well as transformative workshops for all.  Additionally, I provide professional services for those just starting out, including website development and training. marketing and branding.

Please check the schedule regularly for offerings.  Don’t hesitate to contact me directly either by phone or email for more information, or with any questions – that’s what I am here for!