The Permeability of Being Alone 4

The Permeability of Being Alone IV
12 x 12
Pastel, Irish Linen Thread on Paper sewn onto canvas

I have been immersed in the studio. Steeped in all things creative from making art to listening to podcasts and audio books on the Creative Process. I am particularly taken with a Clarissa Pinkola Estes audio series.  Her cadence isn’t for everyone, but I love listening to her and am inspired by her words, and her work in the world.

As I’ve listened to the gentle storyteller weave her teachings through stories of myth and metaphor, I have continued to work on this series, The Permeability of Being Alone.  I am loving the simplicity of composition and color.  I find myself thinking about my own creative process, where I hold back and where I let go.  This piece is about the threshold between those two.

As I said in my last post….”I am surprised to see that my work has developed a propensity toward Minimalism through sparse use of color and organic forms. And, although it has always been metaphoric, somehow this new series is more biographical.” That continues to be true.

I’m excited to share that The Permeability of Being Alone at the annual Power of Five show at the Five15 Arts gallery shared in my last blog post has been acquired by a special collector.  This piece will find its way to Five15 to fill the blank void left by its predecessor.