Digital Marketing, Website and Social Media Development

I have been building and maintaining websites for a select group of people since the 1990s.  In 2017 I began working with artists to establish or build their web presence.  In the contemporary technological era having a website is a must have, but is no longer the singular form of digital marketing.  A website in tandem with social media (at least FaceBook and Instagram) is essential to building you brand, and reaching a larger audience.

Email or call me today to see what services I can provide to empower you to move your art business to the next level. Below are just a few of the services I provide:

  • building a WordPress website
  • training you to update the site.  Once your site is established you will be updating your site as if you had been doing it all your life!
  • eblast marketing and training
  • creating a marketing campaign
  • setting up social media profiles
  • social media training
  • basic photo editing for website and social media content
  • artist statement editing/review
  • CV/Resume editing/review