The Permeability of Being Alone 1

I have been out of the studio for nearly five of the past fourteen months; to China twice, Bangladesh once and visited family on the East Coast 3 times.  Each trip has varied in duration from one to seven weeks.  For this homebody this much time away is a really big deal. And, in the middle of it all, I moved my home and my studio.  My life has been uprooted and transplanted.  I am slowly catching my breath and composing a new rhythm for my life.

Through all of this, the studio offered refuge to counteract the stress of travel and the move – I needed to get lost in the making of art. Alone, Silence, and Solitude were, and continue to be, my constant companions informing and guiding the work as this new series unfolds.  Looking at my life through the lens of Change, I am learning to embrace the quiet stillness of Solitude and understand its permeable nature that it is as shifting as the tides.  Finding the balance between Solitude and Community may prove to be the bigger challenge for me as I navigate my way in the months to come.

I am surprised to see that my work has developed a propensity toward Minimalism through sparse use of color and organic forms. And, although it has always been metaphoric, somehow this new series is more biographical.  The stitches symbolize our experiences; the holding on and the letting go.

I’m excited to share The Permeability of Being Alone at the annual Power of Five show at the Five15 Arts gallery.  1301 NW Grand Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85007. Join us for receptions on the first and third Fridays of July and August, 2019.

The Permeability of Being Alone
12 x 12 | Pastel, Irish Linen Thread on Paper sewn onto canvas