Primordial Suspension just before Becoming

Pastel, graphite, Irish linen thread on paper sewn onto wood

Born under the sign of Libra, I have balanced the scales of inner duality since as far as I can remember. I just didn’t lean into this internal struggle until I was into my 20’s. It was at that point I began studying human nature, Jungian psychology and understanding the importance and impact of the duality that resides in all of us. Often referred to as Yin/Yang, Male/Female, or Light/Shadow. However, we see it in conflicting emotions and behaviors in ourselves and others around us.

What I have discovered is that there is a moment when we learn to embrace our flawed humanness and step fully into ourselves, each of us, perfectly imperfect. Although this duality continues to show up in our lives, we learn to respond to it. By recognizing it in ourselves, it often softens our judgement on others.

My career is split between my studio practice as a Visual Artist and my practice as a Transformational Life Coach. Both are informed by this duality, a recurring theme in my art, and the art of self-observation is at the core of my coaching.