About the Unbound Series:

Symbolically, the book-like structure represents us as both, a collective and individual.  It was created from one sheet of paper, torn, soaked and peeled apart.  The paper curls and folds naturally in reaction, much like how our own lives are shaped by events.  It is purposely left blank, leaving the fibrous scars formed from the pulling apart.  Beautiful. Rough. Scarred. Every WoMan. The thread– the binding – is unraveling, yielding to the force of the paper as it curls into its self.

So often we are bound by unseen forces– limiting beliefs formed from stories of the past and heartache.  Far too often, shame underscores the emotions surrounding these events.  Shining a light on shame disempowers its grasp.  So much of our inner work is about breaking free from the past – free from the wounds, the heartaches, the self-doubt, anger, fear and the people who reinforce these limiting beliefs.  Choosing instead of the ones who champion our dreams. The series “Unbound” is about this process, this letting go or breaking free.

All pieces are pastel on hand embossed paper with Irish linen thread.  Unbound I and II images measure approximately 11 x 12 inches and are matted and framed to 22 x 30.  All others from the series are sewn onto canvas. Click on the links below to read the text embossed into the work.

The Song of Your Heart