average dimensions: 9 x 10.5 unframed | 18 x 19.5 framed

about the Saying I Love You series….
Saying I Love You is both the most difficult and the most natural human expression. In this new series, I explore the many ways lovers express love. It was inspired by a commission for a couple celebrating their anniversary. After working wth their words and completing their piece, I embarked on this series. This was not an easy one for me as I am not in a relationship where things are being said. My creative process is such that I awakened memories of relationships and unrequited loves from my past. Steeped in the tender reverie, I contemplated what I want now in a relationship, and more specifically, what I would like to hear and say.
Generally I watch people react to my work at shows. The impact my work has on others is not lost on me as I bear witness to the rawness of the response and the stories that are often shared. Last night, however, I was given the gift of witnessing a couple receive a piece from this series. Purchased as a gift, I was tasked with bringing it to them. As the couple wept in one anothers arms as they read the words to each other, the woman turned to me and asked if this happens regularly. ‘Yes’, I said as I exited the room to give them privacy.
Saying I Love You…pastel and colored pencil with graphite and Irish linen thread on hand embossed paper. Each piece varies-average dimentions: 9.5 x 10.5 unframed | 18.5 x 19.5 framed

written within the images:
I love you
Ours is a love without condition or agenda
I look at you and my heart stands still, the world slips away; leaving only you and me
When I look into your eyes I get lost in the ocean of your soul
I love how our bodies fit together
I love your smile
I love your insights
Your laugh is music to my soul
I am crazy about you
I want to wake early to start each day with you – be it over breakfast, a morning walk, or lingering and loving one another
I get lost in your touch
I believe in you
You are my best friend
Loving you is the most treasured part of my life
I am grateful for your companionship, friendship and your love
I give you my heart openly and without condition
I am grateful for your gifts and graces
I promise to be your biggest fan and most honest critic
I admire you
I Love you
We are blessed
You are sacred
Our love is grace
You nourish my soul
I am grateful for you in my life
Let’s always be open and honest with one another
I want to never hurt you
You are beautiful
Our conversations are journeys with unexpected turns. I love what we unearth together.
With you my heart is at peace.
I am home with you
You are perfectly imperfectly you
I love you wholeheartedly
I am grateful for you in my life
I respect you
I walk the path beside you but not for you
I will always be here to help you find your way when it eludes you
You are brilliant
There is no greater joy than sharing my life with you
I promise to be all-in
Although the words in the pieces pictured here are mine, commissions are available with your words or vows. Each piece in the series is unique although similar in composition. Due to size constraints some phrases may be omitted.