about the Grief Series….

In Grief, Mosko Scherer peels back the layers of Grief like pulling back the curtain on the great and powerful Oz. Naming all the emotions that accompany it, Grief loses its powerful weight through the revelation. When the burden lifts, it makes room for the lighter emotions to drift in. There is something universally important in doing this, yet we are asked to hide our emotions. In hiding, we lose touch with what they really are: grief is not just grief – it is loss, it is uncertainty, it is vulnerability and it is so much more. And what is it that we hope for when we ask to stop hurting? Not to forget, but to find joy, to be engaged in life, to feel love again. These often elusive emotions become more tangible when named. They no longer lurk in the shadows of our minds and hearts but steep into the light of our lives.