I work with several modalities and tools.  Together we choose the one/s that best fit your needs.  I teach you how to work with them as tools in your life.  To follow is a brief outline of some of the tools and modalities that we will work with.

 guided visualization These are generally short, 10-15 minute meditations, with a specific intention personalized for you.

-yoga nidra meditation.  This is an ancient practice of deep meditation, often referred to as sleep based mediation.

goal setting.  Establishing a goal and creating a plan to realize that goal through SMART goal setting tool.  Together we outline actionable steps with measurable outcomes, to be implemented within a certain time frame.

myths and storytelling. Often times we get stuck in our own stories. Once we can see our story as a parallel to a myth we can view our lives from an objective perch.  Examining a myth pulls us outside of ourselves and allows us to see ourselves more clearly through the lens of another’s story.

archetypes and archetypal energy. Most of us are familiar with the term ‘inner child’ or ‘victim’, however, according to Carolyn Myss, we all have 12 archetypes that predominate our lives. This is a powerful tool to learn about yourself and your propensity of response and behavior.  Big shifts occur when understanding your archetypes and learning how to work with them.

light and shadow work.  First identified in the work of Carl Jung, there is a duality that resides in the individual and the collective.  Shadows form when something blocks the light, our work together shines light onto your shadow self. This work is at the crux of self-inquiry, connecting us with our spirit, our light, and our highest self.

-personal symbols.  Often physical objects or beings show up in our dreams or lives, such as feathers or animals.  Recognizing the symbolism of these messages and how to work with them opens us to a deeper connection with our intuitive and spiritual selves.

Natural symbols date back to the aboriginal, early man, is seen prominently in Native American traditions.  They can be powerful teachers and informative tools to keep us in alignment with our personal paths.

-metaphor.  I love a good metaphor.  They are everywhere.  Identifying with a metaphor removes the stigma of isolation – that this is not something uniquely yours.  Seeing it from a different perspective, a ‘bird’s eye view’, or in the form of metaphor can be empowering, less isolating, and removes the inner judgment, allowing us to be more loving and less judgmental to ourselves.

journaling. A daily practice reveals your inner truths in a way that cannot be achieved through talking or other forms of self exploration.